Back To Basics

Watching this exhibition frame, I'm struck by a number of things. 

First off, the conditions, the lighting, even the cloth for crying out loud, are no better than what we offer here at Aces. But then most of you reading this will know that!

But more importantly, the quality of the play. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Ronnie and Stephen are no good! But the difference between what is on show here, and what we see in tournament play, is night and day.

All too often I see players at the table "playing professionally". By which I mean spending too long thinking about shots, and strategy. None of us are likely to ever play a shot that actually matters, are we? Non-tournament play can, and indeed should, be fun. FUN! In this video, no-one is playing safe. 

Snooker should be free-flowing. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here. It's not always going to be multi-ball breaks, or dramatic pots. But it can still be an attacking game. A thrilling game.

I know these guys are working on a different level to the likes of you and I. I know they see shots 3,4,5 moves ahead. But they only got to that point by potting balls for fun. The grind, the tenacity, the strategy all comes later. For now, lets just hit some balls around a table!