The Hardest Shot In Snooker?

Put "hardest shot in snooker" in to Google, and you get a lot of superlatives being thrown around in praise of of all the usual suspects, performing unbelievable escapes and pots. And rightly so. But these are one-offs. Remarkable, yes. But unique in their predicament.

We all have our personal demons. Tight on the cushion. Cuts in to the middle. Delicate little nudges behind a target color. And because snooker is a mind game as much as a test of physical skill, these demons can haunt us for weeks, months, even years.

But if you get past these individual quirks, and actually become somewhat proficient at the game, is there something which keeps even the professionals awake at nights?

Turns out there is. It isn't a de facto match situation, but as a trial of skill and weight management, it cannot be topped.

Place the white ball within the D. Play the blue off the top cushion, and leave it shy of the of the center line. Meanwhile the white needs to drop, dead weight, into the middle pocket.

Good luck!

And for demonstration purposes, here is Anthony McGill failing to do just this.