ACES is not a snooker hall. We have set up the table for love, and to keep prices low, surroundings are unfancy. But once you've played the table, we know you won't care!

Our Table

The ACES Snooker Club experience will likely be like no other you may have had before.

Other than the beautiful table and equipment (see the videos below), it is strictly a “no frills” affair. We are not a “pool hall”, nor a “bar”, “pub” or any other similar commercial enterprise. We are a club of individuals, like minded in the love of our pastime.

The table itself is pristine, a restored antique, re-clothed regularly and maintained constantly. The lighting is very bright, a detail usually overlooked as most public snooker tables have standard pool table lighting— completely inadequate for the dark green baize of a proper snooker table.

The snooker table is set up in the warehouse facility of my company headquarters, ACES, Inc. which provides support to the packaging industry. The warehouse stores machines that I own, spare parts to ship to customers, and work stations for my daytime job. As proprietor, I am at the ASC nearly every day of my life whether for work or play, and I oversee that all players follow strict guidelines to assure the equipment is kept in perfect condition for the benefit of everyone.

When you are a member of the ASC, you may as well own the place....bring your own food and drink (we have a microwave and fridge), or order a pizza (plenty of places deliver), play your own music if you like, or tap into the Club wi-fi connection to search the latest live snooker tournament scores. Treat the place as if it is home because in a way, it is; as a member with your own key, you can access anytime, day or night. While some may enjoy and be willing to pay for the luxury of “extras” like food, beverage, waitresses, and loud dance music, the ASC is for the true snooker enthusiast looking purely for an environment with zero distractions, none of the above, and certainly no other tables set too close so you bump elbows with other players.

ACES Snooker club is a private members club, where we require you to pay a regular membership fee. Guests are welcome, but must be agreed upon first. 

"Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection."

Joe Davis


" It's the most important thing, the biggest love of my life. I've never been so emotionally ingrained in something - in a person, an object, anything - as I have in snooker."

Ronnie O'Sullivan